Is social media changing the film industry?

Right off the bat, I would say of course social media is changing the film industry. One of the ways it’s being changed are instant reviews. With Twitter, Facebook, and other social media sites, all anyone has to do is google the movie and you have multiple different reviews. This is either good or bad deepening on how you look at it, I like the fact that you can now get a different perspective on the film rather than some film snob saying it’s good or bad. Everyone has a different opinion and depending on the movie, let’s use Marvel as an example, I would rather here from a real fan of Marvel than some old guy who thinks every movie suck.

Let’s now look at marketing,I remember having to wait to go to a movie and watch the trailers to see what was coming out next. Now most of the marketing for new movies is being done online. All you have to do is follow your favorite actor studio or movie franchise to see when something is coming out.

Now even the financing of films is being dome on social media, site like Kickstarter allows anyone contribute to the financing of films. The movie “Veronica Mars” is great example o this,the poplar TV series turned to Kickstarter to raise funds for a feature film. They were able to raise $5.7 million.


2 thoughts on “Is social media changing the film industry?

  1. Before online movie reviews, you had to rely on movie trailers that you see in the theaters or on tv. I think the online movie reviews are very helpful, and you make some great points in your articles!


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