Time Spent In Apps Increases Since Last Year

In recent years, mobile device usage has increased drastically as we are always finding new ways these devices can better our lives in some way. A large portion of our lives are spent updating, sharing, and listening all through our cell phones. With a wide selection of smartphone options now on the market, more mobile applications are becoming available as well. But just how often do we use these apps?

To see just how much time spent in apps is increasing, the mobile marketing platform Localytics preformed a study. Their findings were that the average time people spend in their apps increased over a one year period by twenty-one percent.  The apps that showed the largest increase in usage were ones for music, health and fitness, and social apps. Another source, Nielsen, stands behind this point with data showing that consumers are now spending thirty or more hours per month in apps they have downloaded to their devices. Nielsen also says that the average person has about twenty-seven apps downloaded.

These figures prove that a majority of our digital media consumption these days is done on our mobile devices, but more specifically through apps. This is an interesting development within the world of social media because it shows how our cell phones are an all-in-one type of tool now. With apps like Pandora, we no longer have a need for iTunes. The same goes for the Netflix app. With this app we can get the same service without a television or computer.

The popularity of apps has continued to grow, and will most likely continue to as new apps are constantly becoming available for users to download and use. It will be interesting to see how much time spent in apps increases over years to come.

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2 thoughts on “Time Spent In Apps Increases Since Last Year

  1. It is amazing to think about the amount of time we truly spend on our phones. It is also amazing to think about the things that our phones can do for us now with all of the apps that are available for free and minimal costs.


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