The Sins of Social Media Marketing

f you are looking forward to be a part of the marketing industry, this is something that you should read to make sure that you are making the right choices your field of work. Due to technological convergence the marketers have changed the way that they reach out to their customers. Social media networks are now the top source for businesses to reach out to their buyers. There are seven tips that can help future and current marketers, so their company can strive and influence their customers to buy their products.

The first sin is “being all talk”, it is better to show the audience with visual content rather than to show plain text to engage the audience with just less than 140 characters. Visual content is the best way to engage the intended audience to engage readers also tweets that have an attached link to is a way to get people interact with the tweet.

The second sin is “putting on a one-man show”, advertisers who post traditional media content tend to get unfollowed or removed from their feed. Advertisers must find the audience interests and share content that captures the attention of it audience by making them the center of attention.

The third sin is “forgetting to think before you tweet”, relevance is key when it comes to social media. If you are not posting relevant content then followers will unfollow or ignore your posts. Also it’s important to be aware of the proper time to market your products.

The fourth sin is “thinking all social platforms are created equal”. All social media platforms have different audiences, therefore know your intended audience and deliver your message on the proper platform that fits the audience’s interests.

The fifth sin is “putting your customers on mute”, customers now have the ability to post negative feedback on social networks where their comments are exposed to the world. Company’s should not reply to the negative comments and just review the comments and make improvements based on the negative comments.

The sixth sin is “forgetting to be human”, it is ok to interact with customers to make your business stand out from others that send automated replies or not responding at times. The ability to interact with customers keep customers loyal.

The seventh sin is, “assuming your social strategy works”, marketers should take data on the results received from their marketing strategies. Marketers need to measure how much their company is benefiting from their advertisements more than how much interacting that they receive on social networks.

Social media is the new fastest way for marketers to market their product. Marketers will be successful if they don’t commit any of these seven sins.

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2 thoughts on “The Sins of Social Media Marketing

  1. I feel like I should bookmark these tips and keep them up somewhere! This is a great list of information to keep in mind while making any kind of social media strategy.


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